Khamis, 20 Januari 2011

Microsoft has unveiled its first high-definition webcam with a 1080p sensor.

The 1080p sensor is more than twice as large as the 720p HD sensors on the market and lets more light in so people experience great video in virtually any lighting condition, the company claimed.

It also uses a couple of technologies, including TrueColor which keeps the most important part of the video call - the face - properly exposed. ClearFrame technology helps keep video smooth and detailed even in low light conditions.

Also, an elongated hood, modelled after high-end cameras, helps protect the lens from stray light to avoid washed-out colours.

The webcam is Microsoft's first to feature a tripod thread for capturing videos from different angles - not only in front of the monitor.

It also features improved autofocus that will keep objects in focus even when the object is far away from the webcam, and high-precision glass element lens for superior clarity.

The LifeCam Sudio is also meant to complement Windows Live Messenger 2011, which supports HD video calling in widescreen format so everyone can easily be seen in the video call.

The LifeCam Studio retails for $109.