Isnin, 1 November 2010

Motorola is on an Android roll lately and the latest in the line from the company are the Charm and the FlipOut, both of which are messaging-centric phones with Qwerty keypads.
Both the Charm and FlipOut share similar features such as a 2.8in (320 x 240-pixel) QVGA TFT screen, FM radio receiver, Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi, USB 2.0, 3-megapixel digital camera, 512MB ROM, 512MB RAM, aGPS, digital compass and a MicroSD slot with a 2GB card included.
Both run Android 2.1 and come with all the usual applications, including a WebKit-based browser, access to e-mail, Google Search, Google Maps and the GoogleTalk client.
The capacitive screens on both phones also support multi-touch gestures.

The biggest difference between the Charm and the FlipOut is the way the Qwerty keypad is designed - while the Charm is a candybar phone with a keypad integrated below the screen, the FlipOut has a unique keypad design that rotates out from under the screen when you need it.
The Motorola FlipOut is available for RM1,299 while the Charm will go for RM1,399.
However, Maxis is an exclusive partner for the phones and you can get the the FlipOut for RM649 and RM799 for the Charm with any Maxis Value Plus or Data plan.