Rabu, 22 April 2009

Installing osx on commodity pc hardware has advanced a lot since the early days of osx86 when apple switched to intel. with the advent of netbooks, a new target platform has emerged; one that doesn’t have an official apple equivalent. the small subset of models means that it’s easy to find someone else that has the same machine as you, but it still takes some forum walking to bring all the pieces together. gizmodo has done this and compiled a comprehensive guide for the dell mini 9 at below. the mini 9 is a very nice machine and according to boing boing gadgets’ chart, one of the most compatible with osx. You could purchase a new one for just USD 200 (RM 1600).

for gizmodo’s install, they used a leopard retail dvd with [type11]’s bootloader. they’re breaking the eula, but at least it’s not piracy. they had to use both a dvd drive and a usb hard drive because device recognition was flakey. despite this, the actual install process doesn’t appear to be too difficult. they say all the hardware works, “the mini 9 is a beautiful os x machine

what you will need:
• Dell Mini 9 With 16GB SSD or higher (8GB SSDs will techincally work, but it will take some fiddling not covered by this guide)

• Retail copy of OS X 10.5.x (NOT an OEM copy that comes with a new Mac)

• A USB flash drive 8GB or higher

• An external USB DVD drive

• The “Type11″ Bootloader: DellMiniBoot123v8.01.iso.zip (download link here)

• Blank CD to burn bootloader image (I actually used version 8.0 of Type11 on my CD-if your boot process with 8.01 is different than what’s spelled out in this guide, you can download 8.0 here. Both should work.)

• Windows PC for preparing the flash drive (if DVD drive works fine, this is optional)

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