Rabu, 3 November 2010

Windows Live Hotmail 2011

Microsoft has updated two of its most popular online services, Windows Live Hotmail and Messenger 2011.
The biggest improvement in the update is that users will be able integrate multiple social networks and other e-mail via the two services.
Yes, this essentially means you can now check updates from Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn all from one window within the newly updated Windows Live Messenger 2011.
The updated instant messaging client will also allow users to chat with their Facebook friends from Messenger.
Users will be able to use tabbed conversation windows to manage all their chats within one location instead of having multiple windows pop up.
Also, adding favourites in Messenger now filters your contacts to those that matter. In addition users can enjoy Messenger's new improved HD video chat feature.
Windows Live Hotmail 2011 has also been upgraded and redesigned to help users manage their inboxes.
The new Sweep feature is designed to help clean up junk mail from your inbox. With a few clicks through simple menus and actions, Hotmail will discard all messages from a particular sender.
Users can also filter their e-mail with a single click, showing only those that are unread and group e-mails from social networks.
Additionally Hotmail allows users to add accounts from other web e-mail services like Yahoo! and Gmail.