Selasa, 6 Julai 2010

Nüvi 1460
Garmin has launched two new car navigation GPS units in Malaysia, namely the Nüvi 1460 and the Nüvi 1350.
Both units feature larger fonts and icons for easier navigation, English and Chinese handwriting recognition, junction view, and come preinstalled with Singapore and Malaysia maps.
There's also Garmin's ecoRoute feature which tracks fuel usage to help save money.
The company said both units are about 25% slimmer than previous models.
Nüvi 1350
The main difference between the Nüvi 1460 and 1350 is that the 1460 comes with a large 5in screen and Bluetooth connectivity for wirelessly linking with a mobile phone for handsfree calls, whereas the 1350 comes with a smaller 4.3in screen and no Bluetooth.
The Nüvi 1460 and 1350 cost RM999 and RM810 respectively.