Jumaat, 5 Jun 2009

Photo of Remote Access Point RAP-2

The Aruba RAP-2WG is a single radio 802.11b/g, enterprise-class indoor remote access point, capable of supporting multiple functions including wired and wireless access and air monitoring/wireless intrusion detection and prevention across the 2.4-2.5 GHz spectrum.

The RAP-2WG remote access point delivers secure user-centric network services and applications in remote branch offices as well as for home office workers and telecommuters. Centrally managed from an Aruba Controller, the RAP-2WG provides the network administrator with unparalleled control over services and security. The RAP-2WG supports authenticated wired and wireless access, as well as policy based forwarding mechanisms to allow access to centralized and local resources.

The latest product Aruba's Virtual Branch Network (VBN) solution dramatically simplifies the complexity and cost of deploying a remote solution at branches with one to many users. Complex configuration, management, software updates authentication, intrusion detection, and remote site connectivity tasks are handled by powerful data center-based Aruba controllers running new Aruba software. Centralizing these services in the controllers enables the branch office equipment to be greatly simplified and cost reduced. The virtualized functions are transport-independent, so any wide-area network - including 3G cellular and DSL - can be used to connect the branches offices.

I think this a great product for educational institution that always have a meeting a way from their campus escially when researcher need to conduct a research collabaration meeting with other research group and they also need to have their own local network for linking back to the local server at the university.

With this kind of features, remote office can be enable anywhere at anytime in the world.