Khamis, 7 Oktober 2010

The revolution of mobile phone has been tremendously shifted from the “voice only” appliance to the multi-tasking device; voice, video and data. The latest approach taken by manufacturer is to enhance the video processing and transfer capability. However, since the grand debut of Apple Iphone, the product named “Apple” itself has become consistently a benchmark for other product line. Taking for example when the first Iphone has been released, the new generation is said to be evolved, even though the Windows mobile, Symbian OS , Linux OS has already been around in the market for quite some times.

The question is, why it always Apple become the first runner for the mobility championship? Eventhough we have windows mobile, Symbian v3, and android, but they seem to be lacking behind in term of technology update. In addition, If we monitor the trend closely, everybody is following Apple. In term of application, usability, interface, or even physical design, every single eyes of manufacturer are seems looking direct to the Apple product.

The nearest probability I might be thinking is on the commercialization issue. The rest of manufacturers are still in hesitance to move beyond each other due to being scared for being rejected by users. Hence, they just do wait and see. Apple becomes the first runner to penetrate the market with their new gadget, and other will do the same with some modification and enhancement. Nonetheless, the Apple has become the glorious benchmark for all mobile manufacturers.

Well, I have tried Symbian, android, Iphone OS, for their user friendliness, rich of applications, supports, and community support. I found most of them tried to follow the concept brought by Apple Iphone. I am not surprise if just within a month there will be a mobile phone with the capability to handle HD (720p) video or even full HD (1080p), which higher than iphone has offered in Iphone 4, since Apple has successfully market their new technology with full of acceptance from the users.