Ahad, 31 Oktober 2010

Companies must be ever watchful because cyberattacks could exploit their strategic information, in the perspective of markets security and compliance solutions. Nowadays, people are known as cybercriminals can use a wide range of methods - from wired to wireless - to launch their attacks against a company's IT infrastructure.

Businesses need to look at correlate ways to protect the various points of their IT infrastructure. Gone are the days when only perimeters such as a basic firewall and intrusion detection system could be deployed.
Companies could adopt any threat and risk management solution available in the market or engage with any security consultant. The expert judgment provides visibility into activities across a network; from external threats (malware and hackers) to internal threats (data breaches and fraud). This exercise will expose the types of risks associated with application flaws and configuration changes.
Security prevention exercise also helps companies to store and manage the massive volumes of data logs, to enable faster trouble-shooting or forensic analysis.