Ahad, 24 Oktober 2010

01 Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4The king of smartphones is reborn, but does the fourth incarnation of the iPhone do enough to stop gadgeteers from signing up to the Android army?

02 HTC Desire  

HTC DesireThe latest A-list Android smartie is here with a big AMOLED screen and HTC Sense. But can the Desire match the Nexus One?

03 Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy SThe Galaxy S takes the familiar iPhone format and tries to improve it with some eye-catching screen tech. But has it worked?

04 HTC Legend  

The aluminium Legend is the successor to HTC's Hero and runs the latest version of Android. But does it live up to its name?

05 HTC Touch HD2

HTC Touch HD2The HD2 gives Windows Mobile a serious lick of paint and a capacitive touch screen. Should the iPhone be worried?

06 Nokia E72  

 Nokia E72The ultra slimline Nokia E71 broke BlackBerry’s monopoly on mobile email. Can its successor continue its good work ?

07 BlackBerry Bold 9700 

BlackBerry Bold 9700The BlackBerry Bold was one of the world’s finest messaging smartphones. But is its successor, the fitter, leaner looking 9700, a worthy successor?

08 Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10  

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10Sony Ericsson's first Android mobile is a headlong dive into the waters of Google's OS. But can it match Google's Nexus One?

09 Palm Pre   

It’s smarter than the average phone but has the Palm Pre got what it takes to topple the mighty iPhone 3G S?

10 Samsung Wave   

Samsung WaveWith an eye-grabbing screen, HD video and a catwalk-slim design, Samsung’s first Bada OS phone has the iPhone 4 in its sights