Jumaat, 16 Oktober 2009

Nokia’s first Maemo powered handset, the N900, already hit others badly. The handset has many great features like Adobe Flash 9.4 support for the browser, a 3.5 WVGA touchscreen, a 5MP camera and Wi-Fi. The video below starts off with some talk about apps, a game called Bounce Evolution and then we see the browser in action. The screen is smooth and responsive and the browser zooms in/out by using your finger to make a circular motion on the screen, as if you were turning a dial. Clockwise zooms in, counterclockwise zooms out. A YouTube video is played in the browser and while the picture was clear, the movement was a little herky-jerky. Then we briefly get a look at a YouTube video playing from a thumbail in the UI. All in all, enough action to make you sit up and take notice, all the while hoping that a U.S. carrier will grab up this device. T-Mobile has been mentioned by one of our tipsters as a possible January destination.