Khamis, 20 November 2008

Last year somewhere in August 2007, Motorola and his subsidiaries Symbol and Wireless Valley sues Aruba Networks for alleged patent infringement. Then last two months somewhere in September 2008, Aruba files patent infringement countersuit against Motorola, Symbol, and Wireless Valley. The battle still not ended yet. For me, as an end-users who have experience with Motorola-Symbol technology and Aruba technology... a secured wireless technology always synonym to Aruba enterprise solution. Even if we compare to another wireless leader in the market such as Cisco, they have to admit that Aruba technology offers a total solution for secure wireless environment. they offer wireless firewall, VPN etc in one box.

I consider, it is a weird story to hear Motorola also has the capability to offer better wireless solution. As far as I’m concern, the most well known wireless leader being debated among the wireless administrator is between Cisco and Aruba. I don’t agree if someone said that, Motorola-Symbol is another competitor in the wireless market share. Solution from Trapeze, 3Com, Meru or Orinoco which I can considered much better compared to Motorola-Symbol solution. For me, it is a wired story when Motorola sues Aruba for alleged patent infringement. My favorite wireless products rank is listed as below according to its best features offered to the end-users.

1. Aruba
2. Cisco
3. Trapeze/3Com
4. Meru
5. Orinoco
6. Motorola
7. Belkin
8. Colubris
9. Linksys